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Created by California-based eyewear designer Sheila Vance, the Sama collection is the confluence of fashion, luxury, technology and quality. Heralded by our “Fashion With A Cause” rallying cry, Sama Eyewear’s mission is to help style and hope triumph over blandness and despair. Look Good.  Do Good.  Sama Eyewear.

Sama Eyewear was founded by designer Sheila Vance to introduce the world to luxury fashion eyewear and as a means for funding the Sam Vance Foundation, a non-profit organization founded in her son’s memory and whose mission is to prevent drug use amongst teens and young adults, and to help young addicts get on the road to recovery.

The Sam Vance Foundation

Sama Eyewear glasses are worn by everyone from Tom Cruise to Brad Pitt. But company founder Sheila Vance’s success masks a personal tragedy that still shapes her life today. In 1997, her comfortable life in the Hollywood Hills was turned upside down when her only son Sam, a 19-year-old student at the University of California Los Angeles, died from a heroin overdose. Determined to turn her personal tragedy into a positive force for change, Vance took action. Just months after her son’s death, she created the Sam Vance Foundation with a mission to help the young fight drug abuse. She started Sama Eyewear at the same time to fund the foundation.

Vance donates all of the net proceeds from Sama’s Visionaries collection, as well as a portion of all Sama Eyewear’s total annual net profits, to her foundation to help support drug rehabilitation programs as well as a number of other initiatives focusing on women and children in need. Acting as a charitable agency, the foundation has supported projects in far-flung places, including Afghanistan, France and Africa. Though Vance does not have exact figures, she estimates several million dollars have been donated to various causes since its inception. In recent years, the mandate of the foundation has also evolved to include combating child trafficking.

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