Dr. Johnson highly recommends digital retinal imaging as part of your routine eye exam.  This technology combines retinal photography with computerized imaging to allow instant viewing of the retina and optic nerve in great detail.  Both the doctor and the patient can view the images on a computer monitor.


This method of examining and documenting the retina promotes earlier diagnosis of abnormal conditions, which could allow us to prevent permanent vision loss.  This photo is then loaded into your electronic medical records and serves as a baseline record of the health of your eyes. At future examinations, subsequent photographs will allow Dr. Johnson, using comparison, to see how the internal structures of your eyes are changing.

We are very excited about the results of this new technology and highly recommend retinal imaging as an additional optional test in your eye exam. 

Most insurance plans do not cover retinal photography as part of a comprehensive eye examination, therefore, you may be charged an additional fee for this test.