RES REI means ‘the thing’ in Latin. It means an existing object, with substance and form; but it also means a concept, an idea. RES/REI is the ensemble of things that make life around us, in all given forms.  Handmade in Italy with love

Prodesign Denmark Eyewear

Eyewear Made By Architects

Founded in 1973, Prodesign has more than 40 years of experience creating beautiful eyewear with a clean-cut Scandinavian feel. Drawing on our heritage of Danish design, Prodesign is innovative eyewear with a close-knit relationship between functionality and visual expression.

Prodsign’s creative team are all graduates from the Aarhus School of Architecture; they have a playful yet reflective approach to designing eyewear. Like true architects they continuously explore and rethink form and function, challenging industry standards and making new design solutions

Balanced Eyewear

Powered to enrich your lifestyle through design, ProDesign Denmark has a collection of eyewear that is both surprising and unexpected. Prodesign believes, that style isn’t just about form and function, but more about feeling good when you are wearing your glasses. Each frame is designed with an intention, that intention, to show your personality without ever having to speak. Each frame is also intricately designed taking into account all of the different facial shapes, used to draw out your most alluring features. ProDesign’s collection of eyewear is about balancing the face and the frame, in order to bring them together in harmony. Be who ever you want to be today, with a frame or two by ProDesign.

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