Founded in 1957

Vuarnet has a story, it’s unique. It began rue Boissy d’Anglas in Paris in 1957 where Roger Pouilloux had his workshops. This avant-garde optician, passionate by ski, will revolutionize the sunglasses world by inventing an exceptional glass, able to both protect him on slopes and provide a clear vision of the relief in overcast weather.

The original Skilynx lens was the answer to the harsh lighting conditions of the slopes. Under the name Skilynx Acier, the sunglasses were used by the French Ski Team when Jean Vuarnet won the Gold Medal in the 1960 Winter Olympics. A proud victory for the French, his surname became the brand name of these crystal clear mineral glass lenses designed for the most bold and adventurous.

Unsurpassed Protection

The VUARNET mineral lens filters 100% of UV (UVA,UVB, UVC) and provides up to 99% protection against Blue Light also known as HEV (High Energy Visible  Light) One of the most aggressive lights in the visible spectrum. VUARNET lenses are the only in the world designed to absorb up to 94% of infrared, protecting your eyes from irritating dryness and heat.

Mineral Glass Lenses

Vuarnet purchases real mineral glass—in four-ton blocks because that’s the smallest unit available, and use the highest-quality mass-tinted materials. Each lens takes more than a week to craft, following a 17-step process that removes all hints of distortion or awkward visual transitions to deliver optimal clarity that lets you see what’s actually there.

Unlike polycarbonate sunglasses, which have their polarization and tint added to the outside of the lenses, Vuarnet melts the silicone so that it fills the pores of the glass itself—so that the tint and polarization are embedded within the lens and never fade over time. And since the Vuarnet sunglasses are made with mineral glass, they’re practically scratch-resistant and can be cleaned with any sort of fabric or paper rather than that small square of microfiber.

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