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Top 5 Benefits of Polarized Sunglasses

Using sunglasses not only will make you look great, but having prescription sunglasses can actually have wonderful health benefits, by protecting your eyes from the suns harmful rays. According to experts, the best kinds of sunglasses are those with polarized lenses. But what are the benefits for polarized sunglasses?


1. Reduces Glare

Polarized sunglasses can effectively block out the harmful light rays which would normally enter your eyes. The rays of the sun reflect light in almost every direction, so whenever a ray hits a flat surface, the reflected light will shine back at your eyes and is magnified causing glare. Glare can be a huge problem because it can cause a myriad of visual problems like distortion, change in color perception, and can even cause temporary blindness.

Regular off-the-shelf tinted sunglasses are made to reduce a small amount of light which is transmitted through the lens but does not reduce the glare caused from horizontal rays. When you wear polarized sunglasses, the lenses absorb horizontal light waves and lets vertical light waves to pass through. Since only light that travels in one direction is allowed, glare is eliminated effectively with polarized sunglasses.


2. Reduces Eyestrain

Eyestrain is another common and negative side effect of glare and harmful UV rays of the sun. Using polarized sunglasses will help to reduce eyestrain. When you squint to try to see better, you are putting stress on your eyes. Squinting creates discomfort which causes several problems including redness, irritation, headaches, and fatigue. Polarized sunglasses effectively neutralize this problem allowing your eyes to feel more relaxed and comfortable. Eyestrain can be worse in very bright conditions such as in the snow and on the lake. It is very important to wear polarized sunglasses in these conditions.

3. Provides Better Vision

When you wear polarized sunglasses, you will be able to see colors better and more clearly. The images are unlike anything you have experienced before because our eyes are more relaxed to focus even on the harshest days. This is the same reason why polarization is best when you are engaged in outdoor sports. You will be able to see clearly even during times like downhill skiing, snowboarding, boating, or any other outdoor activity.

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4. Best For Water Sports

Many fishermen, boaters, surfers, or other water sports enthusiasts’ loves polarized lenses. Polarization is a material which lets you clearly see even when there is a reflection from the water. Without wearing polarized sunglasses, the surface of the water will simply reflect everything around it to your eyes, making it difficult to see clearly. When wearing polarized sunglasses, you can cut the glare on the water giving fishermen the advantage to see into the water, and reduces the sun’s reflection on the water, which will help boaters see their surroundings much better.


5. Better Than Tinted Lens

Tinted lenses are good for reducing the amount of light that gets through your sunglasses into your eyes. Tinted lenses may work for you during an ordinary sunny day. However, they do not eliminate glare like polarized lenses do. Remember tinted lenses do not necessarily mean better protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun.  The best that you can do is to check the level of protection the lenses provide. Any pair of sunglasses that you purchase should always block 100% of UV light.

Polarized sunglasses from iCare Family Vision will protect your eyes from 100% of UV light, and reduce the harmful effects of glare. Polarized sunglasses are the best option for all types of outdoor activities. Stop into iCare Family Vision to see our selection of sunglasses and learn more about all of the polarized sunglasses options.